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Frederick M. Bingham

Research Interests: Large-scale regional physical oceanography: the Kuroshio, the western North and Equatorial Pacific, the Hawaiian Islands and Onslow Bay, North Carolina. Global distributions of sea surface salinity.

There are 2 included publications by Frederick M. Bingham :

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Distributions of mixed layer properties in North Pacific water mass formation areas: comparison of Argo floats and World Ocean Atlas 2001 2008 370 ABSTRACT. Winter mixed layer characteristics in the North Pacific Ocean are examined and compared between Argo floats in 2006 and the World Ocean Atlas 2001 (WOA01) climatology for a series of named water masses, North Pacific Tropical Water (NPT...
Physical response of the coastal ocean to Hurricane Isabel near landfall 2008 450 Abstract. Hurricane Isabel made landfall near Drum Inlet, North Carolina on 18 September 2003. In nearby Onslow Bay an array of 5 moorings captured the response of the coastal ocean to the passage of the storm by measuring currents, surface waves...