Michael Fernandes de Almeida

  • Research Specialist
  • Biotechnology Research and Training Center, UNCP
  • biotech@uncp.edu
  • 910-521-6650
  • Office for Regional Initiatives
  • Pembroke NC 28372

There are 3 included publications by Michael Fernandes de Almeida :

TitleDateViewsBrief Description
Aß42-mediated proteasome inhibition and associated tau pathology in hippocampus are governed by a lysosomal response involving cathepsin B: Evidence for protective crosstalk between protein clearance pathways 2017 121 Impaired protein clearance likely increases the risk of protein accumulation disorders including Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Protein degradation through the proteasome pathway decreases with age and in AD brains, and the Aß42 peptide has been shown to ...
Effects of mild running on substantia nigra during early neurodegeneration 2017 174 Moderate physical exercise acts at molecular and behavioural levels, such as interfering in neuroplasticity, cell death, neurogenesis, cognition and motor functions. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyse the cellular effects of moderate trea...
Inhibitor of Endocannabinoid Deactivation Protects Against In Vitro and In Vivo Neurotoxic Effects of Paraoxon 2017 178 The anticholinesterase paraoxon (Pxn) is related to military nerve agents that increase acetylcholine levels, trigger seizures, and cause excitotoxic damage in the brain. In rat hippocampal slice cultures, high-dose Pxn was applied resulting in a pre...