Redescription of two Genera of blastoids from China

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Johnny A. Waters Ph.D., Professor: Invertebrate Paleontology (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: Abstract : In this paper we redescribe and reassign two genera of Chineseblastoids previously described by Mu (1955) and Chi (1943) based on our ownnew collections and those of other Chinese geologists. Mesoblastus tushanensisis reassigned to the Schizoblastidae from the Granatocrinidae based on the presence of ten spiracles and a separate anus and to the new genus Pinguiblastus. Previously Mississippian schizoblastids have been restricted toNorth America. Pinguiblastus provides a paleogeographic and evolutionarytransitional taxon between the North American schizoblastid genera and thevery abundant Permian faunas from Timor. Devonoblastus heitaiensis is reassigned to the new genus Sinoblastus, based on the presence of large exposed cryptodeltoids, a taxonomically significant character not found inDevonoblastus. This removes known occurrences of Devonoblastus from Asia.

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Waters, A. Johnny, Hong-Fei Hou, Jin-Xing Wang, Maples, G. Christopher(2011) Redescription of two Genera of Blastoids from China. Palaeoworld( vol. 20, p.290-295) [DOI 10.1016]
Language: English
Date: 2011
genera, blastoids, china

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