Predictors Of Returning To Oral Feedings After Feeding Tube Placement For Patients Poststroke During Inpatient Rehabilitation

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R. Jordan Hazelwood, Assistant Professor, Speech Language Pathology (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: Objectives: To identify the frequency and characteristics of patients admitted to inpatient rehabilitation (IPR) following a stroke who are able return to oral feedings and have their feeding tube (FT) removed prior to discharge from IPR, the timing of FT removal, and implications for outcomes. Methods: Medical records were identified by admission rehabilitation impairment code (RIC) for stroke (RIC 01), and reviews were completed by two physiatrists and two speech language pathologists. At random, 25% of the charts were reviewed by a second rater for data quality control. Measures collected during the chart review included the following: age, gender, onset of stroke, rehabilitation length of stay (LOS), admission and discharge FIM™, discharge destination, diet level, and feeding tube status. Results: One hundred forty-three patients were identified as subjects forthis investigation who had an FT and were NPO upon IPR admission. Overall, 46.9% (67/143) of the patients returned to three meals daily prior to discharge from IPR. The mean days post stroke onset until returning to three meals daily was 38.43 days (SD= 26.36). Twenty percent (30/143) of the patients were able to have their FT tube removed priorto·discharge from IPR. Factors associated with returning to three meals included gender (ie 1 female), longer IPR LOS, and higher admission FIM™ scores at IPR. Factors associated with removal of the feeding tube included a longer IPR LOS and younger age. Patients who were able to have their FT removed were more likely to be discharged to home. Conclusion: Individuals with longer IPR LOS were more likely to return to three meals daily and have their feeding tubes removed prior to discharge.

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Krieger, R., Brady, S., Stewart, R., Terry, A., & Brady, J. (2010). "Predictors of returning to Oral Feedings After Feeding Tube Placement for Patients Poststroke During Inpatient Rehabilitation." Top Stroke Rehabil 2010;17(3):197-203. doi: 10.1310/tsrl703-197. © 2010 Timmas Land Publishers, Inc. Re-printed here with permission of author: R. Jordan Hazelwood (R. Jordan Stewart)
Language: English
Date: 2010
dysphagia, feeding tube, outcomes, rehabilitation, stroke

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