“It’s All About Security to Me”: The Role Of Environment In Youth Financial Literacy And Savings Behaviors

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Leah Hamilton, Assistant Professor (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
Web Site: https://library.appstate.edu/

Abstract: This qualitative study explores financial behavior and expectations in families of origin in addition to youth financial education and savings behaviors. The authors interviewed 14 youths, aged 17 to 19 years, whose families had low incomes, education levels, and savings rates and who participated in a youth-based financial education and dedicated savings program and present key themes and subthemes that were revealed during data analysis. Findings suggest that, rather than replicating the behavior of their parents and experiencing the same financial struggles, the youths interviewed were motivated by a desire to avoid these challenges. However, youths in this study also noted that they experienced social and economic barriers that their higher income peers did not. Policy, practice, and research implications of these findings are discussed.

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Hamilton, L., Shobe, M., Murphy-Erby, Y., and Christy, K. (2012). "“It’s All About Security to Me”: The Role of Environment in Youth Financial Literacy and Savings Behaviors." SAGE Open. October-December 2012:1-8. DOI: 10.1177/2158244012471958. Version of record available at: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/ full/10.1177/2158244012471958
Language: English
Date: 2012
youth, savings, financial literacy, financial behavior, ecological systems

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