The Role Of Child Temperament In Parental Child Feeding Practices And Attitudes Using A Sibling Design

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Sandra G. Gagnon Ph.D., Associate Professor (Creator)
Amy Galloway Ph.D., Associate Professor (Creator)
Rose Mary Webb Ph.D., Associate Professor and Experimental Psychology Concentration Director (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: Although previous research indicates that parental child feeding practices are one component of a bidirectional relationship between children and parents, little is known about how child temperament operates in this relationship. The purpose of this study was to investigate relationships between child temperament and parental feeding practices and attitudes using a sibling design. By collecting data regarding pairs of siblings, we were able to investigate sibling differences and differential parental treatment. We examined mothers’ and fathers’ perceptions of their two children’s temperaments as well as reports of the feeding practices and attitudes they use with each child. Fifty-?ve mothers and fathers completed questionnaires including the Carey Temperament Scales and the Child Feeding Questionnaire (CFQ). Results from correlation analyses showed that 6 of the 9 father reports of temperament between two siblings were positively related, whereas 1 of the 9 mother reports were positively related. Mothers’ and fathers’ perceptions of temperament were positively correlated for a single child. Some patterns were found between parental reports of sibling temperament and child feeding practices and attitudes, suggesting that temperament plays a role in how parents feed their children.

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Amy. T. Galloway, Rose Mary Webb, Sandra G. Gagnon & M. Greg Horn (2011) "The Role Of Child Temperament In Parental Child Feeding Practices And Attitudes Using A Sibling Design" Appetite #57 pp.510-516 Version of Record Available From ( [DOI:10.1016/2011.06.015]
Language: English
Date: 2011
Children, Parents, Temperament, Controlling feeding practices Siblings, Restriction, Pressure to eat

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