Inter-And Intrajudge Reliability Of A Clinical Examination Of Swallowing In Adults

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Gary McCullough Ph.D , Associate Dean (Creator)
Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: This study investigates inter-and intrajudge reliability of a clinical examination of swallowing in adults. Several investigations have sought correlations between clinical indicators of dysphagia and the actual presence of dysphagia as determined by videofluoros- copy. Whereas some investigations have reported inter- judge reliability for the videofluoroscopic measures employed, none have reported reliability for clinical measures. Without established reliability for rating clinical measures, conclusions drawn regarding the utility of a measure for detecting aspiration can be called into question. Results of the present study indicate that fewer than 50% of the measures clinicians typically employ are rated with sufficient inter- and intrajudge reliability. Measures of vocal quality and oral motor function were rated more reliably than were history measures or measures taken during trial swallows. There is a need to define more clearly the measures employed in clinical examinations and to be consistent in reporting reliability for clinical measures of swallowing function in future research

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Gary H. McCullough, Robert T. Wertz, John C. Rosenbek, Russell H. Mills, Katherine B. Ross and John R. Ashford (2000) "Inter-And Intrajudge Reliability Of A Clinical Examination Of Swallowing In Adults" Dysphagia #15: pp.58–67 Version of Record available @At [DOI: 10.1007/s004550010002]
Language: English
Date: 2000
dysphagia, clinical examination, reliability, adults, deglutition, deglutition disorders

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