The Effect Of Moringa Oleifera On The Oncolytic Activity Of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus In Cervical Cancer Cells

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Appalachian State University (ASU )
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Abstract: Traditional treatment methods for cervical cancer are often not cancer-specific and are associated with adverse side effects. Our lab focuses on developing vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) as an oncolytic agent due to the natural ability of this virus to target susceptible cancer cells. We are interested in augmenting the oncolytic activity of VSV by treating resistant cancer cells with natural compounds. We hypothesize that Moringa oleifera, which has previously demonstrated anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties, will promote killing of resistant cervical cancer cells by VSV by activating immune cells and promoting anti-tumor immunity. Of the five extracts of M. oleifera examined (aqueous, butanolic, ethanolic, hydroethanolic, and methanolic), the ethanolic extract promoted C4-II and HeLa cell killing alone and in combination with a wild-type strain (rwt) of VSV by decreasing activation of pro-survival pathways. The methanolic extract promoted killing of SiHa cervical cancer cells by the rM51R-M VSV strain. Furthermore, STAT1 levels decreased in VSV-infected cells, suggesting M. oleifera may inhibit induction of an antiviral response. M. oleifera stimulated maturation of dendritic cell (DC) subsets and pro-inflammatory cytokines following infection by VSV, indicating the pretreatment with M. oleifera has the potential to promote clearance of virus infected cervical cancer cells.

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Brown, A. (2015). The Effect of Moringa Oleifera on the Oncolytic Activity of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus in Cervical Cancer Cells. Unpublished master's thesis. Appalachian State University, Boone, NC.
Language: English
Date: 2015
Moringa oleifera, Cervical cancer, Vesicular stomatitis virus, Oncolytic viruses,

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