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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Evaluation of a Brief Aerobic Exercise Intervention for High Anxiety Sensitivity2008Broman-Fulks, Joshua FacultyPsychology, ASU
The Latent Structure of Anxiety Sensitivity—Revisited2008Broman-Fulks, Joshua FacultyPsychology, ASU
Is Perfectionism Categorical or Dimensional? A Taxometric Analysis2008Broman-Fulks, Joshua FacultyPsychology, ASU
Associative and Phonological Priming Effects After Letter Search on the Prime2006Broman-Fulks, Joshua FacultyPsychology, ASU
Anxiety Sensitivity and Retaliatory Aggressive Behavior in Research Volunteers2007Broman-Fulks, Joshua FacultyPsychology, ASU
Self-Care in Cross-Cultural Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees2016Brouwer, Rachel StudentSocial Work - Student, ASU
Hand In The Cookie Jar: An Experimental Investigation Of Equity-Based Compensation And Manag...2008Bruner, David FacultyEconomics, ASU
Multiple Switching Behaviour In Multiple Price Lists2011Bruner, David FacultyEconomics, ASU
Spring Forward 2016: Planning A communication Alumni Event2016Bryson, Amanda StudentCommunication - Student, ASU
‘'An Art That Nature Makes’?: Shakespeare’s Ambiguous Garden in The Winter’s Tale2010Burnette, Amy KatherineStudentEnglish - Student, ASU
Construction Of A ?mbaA?potD1 Mutant And The Effects On Biofilm Formation In Vibrio Cholerae...2016Burriss, Marybeth ArceoStudentBiology - Student, ASU
Mindfulness Based Approaches to Obesity and Weight Loss Maintenance2012Caldwell, Karen FacultyHuman Development & Psychological Counseling, ASU
Changes in Mindfulness, Well-being, and Sleep Quality in College Students Through Taijiquan ...2011Caldwell, Karen FacultyHuman Development & Psychological Counseling, ASU
Integrative Health Coaching: An Organizational Case Study2011Caldwell, Karen FacultyHuman Development & Psychological Counseling, ASU
The Relationship Between Marriage and Family Therapists and Complementary and Alternative Me...2006Caldwell, Karen FacultyHuman Development & Psychological Counseling, ASU
ADHD Comorbidities: Handbook for ADHD Complications in Children and Adults 2010Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Potential Symptoms of ADHD for Emerging Adults2009Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
An Experiential Learning Activity Demonstrating Normal and Phobic Anxiety2008Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Differences in heterosocial behavior and outcomes of ADHD-symptomatic subtypes in a college ...2003Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Parent-, Teacher-, and Self-Rated Motivational Styles in ADHD Subtypes2002Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Sex Differences in the Manifestation of ADHD in Emerging Adults2012Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Perceived Stress and ADHD Symptoms in Adults2012Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Social Appraisal of Adult ADHD: Stigma and Influences of the Beholder’s Big Five Personality...2008Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Rejection Sensitivity and Social Outcomes of Young Adult Men with ADHD2007Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU
Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for College Students With ADHD: A Case Series Report2015Canu, Will FacultyPsychology, ASU