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Chris Dickinson Ph.D.

There are 3 included publications by Chris Dickinson Ph.D.:

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Coordinating Cognition: The Costs and Benefits of Shared Gaze During Collaborative Search 2008 125 Collaboration has its benefits, but coordination has its costs. We explored the potential for remotely located pairs of people to collaborate during visual search, using shared gaze and speech. Pairs of searchers wearing eyetrackers jointly performed...
Memory for the Search Path: Evidence for a High-Capacity Representation of Search History 2007 110 Using a gaze-contingent paradigm, we directly measured observers’ memory capacity for fixated distractor locations during search. After approximately half of the search objects had been fixated, they were masked and a spatial probe appeared at either...
Transsaccadic Representation of Layout: What Is the Time Course of Boundary Extension? 2008 101 How rapidly does boundary extension occur? Across experiments, trials included a 3-scene sequence (325 ms/picture), masked interval, and repetition of 1 scene. The repetition was the same view or differed (more close-up or wide angle). Observers rate...