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Richard M. Carp Ph.D.

  • Professor
  • Past faculty member, ASU
  • Boone NC 28608

There are 12 included publications by Richard M. Carp Ph.D.:

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Creating an Image Bank for Teaching World Religion: Challenging and Reifying Structures of Knowledge 1992 259 Creating an indexed set of slides for teaching the academic study of religion reveals how existing structures of power/knowlcdge shape the frameworks from which new knowledge emerges, and how that knowledge may affect those structures. Although cultu...
Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, Feeling, Seeing: The Role of the Arts in Making Sense Out of the Academy 1995 335 Our bodies provide keen metaphors for the predicament of the disciplines and the pharmakon (both remedy and poison) provided by interdisciplinarity. Each human body is single, complex but unified, whole. Yet we have come to experience our bodies as c...
Integrative Praxes: Learning from Multiple Knowledge Formations 2001 359 After adopting and extending the “test of truth as effective action” that Newell proposes in “A Theory of Interdisciplinary Studies,” this article proposes “living well” as the goal of knowledge processes. With this in mind, it explores disciplinar...
Intermediation: Arts' Contribution to General Integrative Theory 1999 239 Intermediation approaches integration via medium, as does interdisciplinarity via field/content, while both involve concerns of methodology. "Media" are distinguished by the perceptual acts required for their constitution (cf McLuhan, 1964) - by the ...
Lost in the Desert: A Review of Mark C. Taylor's Disfiguring Art, Architecture, Religion 1994 436 Book Review
Relying on the Kindness of Strangers: CEDD’s Report on Hiring, Tenure, Promotion in IDS 2008 351 Abstract unavailable
Rereading Coomaraswamy 1991 522 Abstract unavailable
[A review of] "Masked Metaphors: Masks of the Spirit: Image and Metaphor in Mesoamerica, by John H. Markman and Roberta T. Markman" 1990 491 Book review
The Role of the Arts in the Humanities and Social Science Classroom 1989 126 There are at least two compelling reasons to incorporate the visual arts (by which I mean architecture and urban planning, the design professions and the fine arts) in humanities and social science teaching at all levels. The first is the generative ...
Semiotrix Deux 2002 216 Abstract unavailable
Sensory Questions 1999 371 Abstract Unavailable
Teaching Religion and Material Culture 2007 3881 Because religions discipline and interpret bodies; create and define sacred spaces; generate, adore and study images in all media; regulate the intake of food; structure temporal experience; and in general interpenetrate and are permeated by the cult...