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Creed, Robert


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Detritivore Diversity or Dominant Species: What Drives Detrital Processing? 2010 665 The role that biodiversity plays in maintaining ecosystem functioning has been debated for nearly two decades. Previous research suggested that a dominant species (Pycnopsyche gentilis) and not detritivore diversity determined leaf breakdown in a so...
Effects of a Low Head Dam on a Dominant Detritivore and Detrital Processing in a Headwater Stream 2011 389 I evaluated the breakdown of yellow birch leaves in the presence and absence of P. gentilis using a leaf pack breakdown experiment. Leaf packs were placed in reaches above the dam where P. gentilis is present and below where it is essentially absent....
Partner Control and Environmental Fouling in the Crayfish-Branchiobdellid Symbiosis 2012 700 Previous research found that crayfish (Cambarus chasmodactylus) may be engaged in a cleaning mutualism with ectosymbiotic worms (Annelida: Branchiobdellidae), yet mechanisms for symbiosis establishment and maintenance remain unknown. In addition, it ...