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Bazzini, Doris


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The Effects of a Laughter Manipulation on Rumination Regarding an Interpersonal Transgression in Close Relationships 2010 867 Given the likelihood that most people will experience a transgression in the context of a close relationship at some point in their lives, forgiveness is a construct with great potential for influencing individuals’ quality of life. This study exami...
Attractiveness Stereotype, Severity of Illness, and Perceptions of a Child Target: Does Cancer Induce Unique Attributional Judgments? 2012 245 Given that previous research provides conflicting evidence regarding perceptions of a target with cancer, the current study aimed to identify whether severity of this illness drives perceptions or if the diagnosis of cancer holds unique stereotypes i...
How Do We Forgive?: An Empirical Framework for the Underlying Processes of Overcoming Interpersonal Betrayal 2014 94 Few studies have empirically examined the underlying processes of forgiveness. Perspective-taking has been depicted as an important precursor to forgiveness, specifically by means of empathic responding toward the offender (e.g., McCullough, Worthing...