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Zrull, Mark


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Extrinsic Inhibition of the Inferior Colliculus during Audiogenic Seizures: Effects of Unilateral Dorsal Nucleus of the Lateral Lemniscus Lesions in Young Rats 2010 676 In this study, a model of generalized epilepsy was used to investigate the role of extrinsic inhibition of the inferior colliculus (IC) during audiogenic seizures (AGS). There is evidence to suggest that a deficiency of inhibition within the IC plays...
The Impact of Prior Experience With Cross-Modal Stimulation on Activation of Bipolar and Multipolar Neurons in the Intermediate Layer of Rat Superior Colliculus 2013 108 Multisensory integration (MI) is the process in which information from multiple sensory modalities converges on single neurons. When a rat orients toward a cross-modal, light and sound, stimulus, neurons in the superior colliculus (SC) integrate the ...
Effects of Periodic and/or a Single Exposure to an Enriched Environment on Neural C-fos Expression in Adolescent Rats 2013 97 Environmental enrichment of laboratory animals consists of cognitive, social and physical enhancement of the subjects’ life experiences. Enrichment produces improved performance on memory tasks. In the present study, 16 Long-Evans rats (8 male and 8 ...