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Curtin, Lisa


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Empowerment, Feminism and Self-Efficacy: Relationships with Disordered Body Image and Eating 2010 1760 Eating disorders are prevalent in the United States, relate to significant psychological and health problems, and primarily affect women. Sociocultural norms pertaining to an ideal of thinness for women are considered central in the development of ...
Conversations About Drinking: College Student Perceptions of Personal and Peer Drinking 2012 399 Alcohol consumption among college students relates to normative perceptions of peer use. One way in which these norms are likely disseminated among social groups is through conversations about drinking alcohol. Further, prior research suggests that f...
The Effect of Race on Perceptions of Fat Talk among College Women 2014 117 Fat talk is a normative style of communication where primarily girls and women say negative things about their bodies as a part of social conversation. The majority of fat talk research has employed Caucasian participants and racially unspecified ta...