The Chaucer Review: An Indexed Bibliography Vols. 1-30

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Abstract: The Chaucer Review is essential reading for Chaucerians at all levels of study. More than any other resource, it provides a record of most of the significant trends in medieval and Chaucer scholarship for the past three decades. It has, however, grown so rich and full that only with difficulty can we make the best use of it. Even those of us fortunate enough to have been charter subscribers and to have our own full runs of the Journal have no ready way to know what is in the more than three linear feet of the quarterly numbers of the Chaucer journal that now occupy our shelves. The purpose of this special issue of the journal is to provide scholars with a compiled list of all of the nearly 800 articles that have appeared, and, more important, a subject index to all of those articles.Subtitled A Journal of Medieval Studies and Literary Criticism, The Chaucer Review has spoken boldly and fully and long as the prominent sounding board for scholars of medieval literature, especially Chaucerians. Fundamental as this journal is, as issue after issue has come from The Pennsylvania State University Press, finding material in The Chaucer Review has been an increasingly daunting and frustrating challenge. The staff of the journal has provided at the end of each volume a list of the articles to appear in that volume and a comprehensive list at the end of each decade, but there has been no index. The titles of the articles are some guide to the contents, but every scholar knows that the titles often contain only the most subtle hint about what the article is really about. Who would know, for example, that Jackson J. Campbell's "Polonius among the Pilgrims" (7 [1972]: 40) is about the fictional teller of the Manciple's Tale? No one has before now attempted to provide a subject-matter index of the journal.

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Language: English
Date: 2002
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