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Richard Tichich

Abstract: Humans change with each second that passes. There is a haze of trying to save each moment. With my photographs, I am freezing a series of moments in time in order to preserve them. This work depicts fleeting of life- time change, or a shift. Shift represents many ideas: the physical movement of my subject matter and the camera, the movement captured in the photographs, and the changing of time. My vision is to create images with multiple portrays of a person or subject. I am engaged in the subject’s aura through their subtle movement by experimenting with techniques that spirit photographers use to capture “ghosts” in their images. As I leave the shutter open, the camera captures their emotions, expressions, and movements. The effect is a combination of aesthetic choices of my subject matter, composition, and superimposition. The final images save memories and expose that people change with the passing of time.

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Language: English
Date: 2017
Camera Obscura, Julia Margaret Cameron, Photography, Shutter Speed, Spirit Photography
Photography -- Technique
Spirit photography -- Technique
Photography -- Exposure
Camera shutters
Motion in art
Time in art

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