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Accelerated math implementation and elementary student achievement and attitudes (Student Work)2009Metcalf, Elizabeth B.Master of ArtsEducation, UNCW
Adaptation and amplification in Paul Auster's City of glass (Student Work)2009Williams, Cara Master of ArtsEnglish, UNCW
The advantages of being Proteus : five filmed versions of Richard III (Student Work)2009Hart, Bernadette F.Master of ArtsEducation, UNCW
Aesthetic representations of history : the question of the national allegory (Student Work)2009Whitaker, Jay ErnestMaster of ArtsEnglish, UNCW
Affective and perceptual consequences of media activation of the black female "Permiscuous" ... (Student Work)2009Taddei, Jeffrey M.Master of ArtsPsychology, UNCW
Age and growth of red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, from the southeastern United States (Student Work)2009McInerny, Stephanie A.Master of ScienceBiology and Marine Biology, UNCW
Aging and categorization: using generalized equivalence classes and their characteristics to... (Student Work)2009Engel, Christine M.Master of ArtsPsychology, UNCW
Agricultural practices and nitrate pollution in ground water in the Central Valley of Chile (Student Work)2009Golembeski, Robert C.Master of ScienceMarine Science, UNCW
Alice K's adventures interroscribing simulandra: of performance through questions in Alice's... (Student Work)2009Lambertson, Jesse A.Master of ArtsEnglish, UNCW
Alternative pathways to the classroom (Student Work)2009Parsons, Brenda DakeMaster of EducationEducation, UNCW
An analysis of differentiation strategies used by middle school teachers in hetergeneously [... (Student Work)2009Hobson, Meredith Master of EducationEnglish, UNCW
Analysis of a hierarchial Bayesian method for quantitative trait loci (Student Work)2009Pearson, Caroline Master of ScienceMathematics and Statistics, UNCW
Analysis of methanol, ethanol and propanol in aqueous environmental matrices (Student Work)2009Zhai, Yusheng Master of ScienceMathematics and Statistics, UNCW
Analysis of methanol, ethanol and propanol in aqueous environmental matrices (Student Work)2009Magolan, Kathleen M.Master of ScienceChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCW
Analysis of a niche market for farm-raised black sea bass Centropristis striata in North Car... (Student Work)2009Wilde, James D.Master of ScienceMarine Science, UNCW
Analytical method development a mathematical approach (Student Work)2009Schlipp, Katherin M.Master of ScieceChemistry and Biochemistry, UNCW
The androgyny of an angel : death as liberator in George Sand's Gabriel (Student Work)2009Cancelli, Anna MariaMaster of ArtsEnglish, UNCW
Applying the Attribution-emotion Model to alcohol and drug abuse : the effects of target gen... (Student Work)2009Trogdon, Carrie E.Master of SciencePsychology, UNCW
Approximating shortest paths in large networks (Student Work)2009Lorek, David RandolphMaster of ScienceMathematics and Statistics, UNCW
The art of teaching: a T.A.'s journey from the stage to the classroom and back again (Student Work)2009Booth, Jacki Master of ArtsEnglish, UNCW
Assessing MarineQuest: a follow-up study on effects of a summer residential marine environme... (Student Work)2009Tressler, Kurt Master of ScienceBiology and Marine Biology, UNCW
Assessing the reinforcing effects of caffeine : the self-administrtion of caffeine by rats (Student Work)2009Babalonis, Shanna Master of ArtsPsychology, UNCW
Assessment of tidally influenced riparian wetlands as sinks for fecal coliform bacteria (Student Work)2009O'Reilly, Jennifer M.Master of ScienceMarine Science, UNCW
The association between supervisor characteristics and program assistant motivation and succ... (Student Work)2009Jones, Lorelei AldridgeMaster of EducationEducation, UNCW
Association of uncontrolled stage I hypertension and the incidence of myocardial infarction ... (Student Work)2009Beaver, John D.Master of ScienceNursing, UNCW