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  1. Evaluating the Intra-Rater and Inter-Rater Reliability of Fixed Tension Scale Instrumentation for Determining Isometric Neck Strength by McDaniel, Alexander (2021)
  2. Integrated Music Education in Elementary Classrooms: Music and Grade-Level Teacher Perspectives and Practices by Johnson, Daniel C. (2021)
  3. Brevetoxin and Conotoxin Interactions with Single-Domain Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels from a Diatom and Coccolithophore by Taylor, Alison R. (2021)
  4. Sea Surface Salinity Seasonal Variability in the Tropics from Satellites, Gridded In Situ Products and Mooring Observations by Bingham, Frederick Morton (2020)
  5. Retaining Adolescent and Young Adult Participants in Research During a Pandemic: Best Practices From Two Large-Scale Developmental Neuroimaging Studies (NCANDA and ABCD) by Nooner, Kate (2021)
  6. Impact of spirituality on resilience and coping during the COVID-19 crisis: A mixed-method approach investigating the impact on women by Cherry, Sabrina T. (2020)
  7. Factors Influencing Pre-Instructional Decisions: An Initial Investigation of Expert Music Teacher Perceptions by Johnson, Daniel C. (2020)
  8. “My Determination Is To Live”: Narratives of African-American Women Who Have Lived with HIV for 10 or More Years by Cherry, Sabrina T. (2018)
  9. Medication Adherence Among African American Women Who Have Been HIV Positive for 10 or More Years by Cherry, Sabrina T. (2020)
  10. Outlook Economic Conference, 2019 : Preparing for the future by Simpson, Thomas D. and Jones, Adam T. (2019)

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The influence of training structure and instructions on generalized stimulus equivalence classes and typicality effects

Stanley, Kelly

Three experiments were conducted using different training structures and two sets of instructions in an attempt to systematically replicate previous findings of equivalence and typicality effects. A... View More