How the Issues of Quality of Life Directly Affects the Health Disparities of Native Americans in North Carolina

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Abstract: The issue concerning the quality of life of Native Americans in North Carolina has been a serious issue for quite some time now. Along with the factors that include the quality o life, health issues that after North Carolina Native Americans has also been a prevalent topic of discussion. Therefore, this study will present the relevance of how these issues of quality of life for Native Americans living in North Carolina are directly related to the health disparities that Native Americans encounter.The methodology that supports the project is based upon a major in business management and on having personal interests with the health disparities among the native culture. The issues of pertaining to the quality of life will incorporate some business issues along with those pertaining to health.The issues of quality of life will be examined in Native Americans in North Carolina include socio-cultural, educational, and economical factors. Even though these issues are similarly related and coincide, they all have specific details that may differ. These issues will be researched, analyzed, and then placed into context with the relevance of health issues that are related to Native Americans in North Carolina. Socio-cultural issues have a more direct relationship with economical factors. Some social factors may include the lack of access to health care facilities, lack of access to physical fitness centers, or the overall traditions and behaviors that Native Americans are accustomed to. Even though this issue is sometimes difficult to denote with a statistical figure, it is obvious that the social well being of Native Americans is significantly lower than those compared to Whites.The relationship of quality of life issues continues with the issues pertaining to educational factors in the NC Native American population. In 2003-2004, Native American students, grades 3-8 scoring a level III or better on the end-of-grade tests was 73.6%. This is 7.7% less than the state state average. The state dropout rate for NC Native Americans is almost double compared to that of Whites. The alarming statistics found throughout the issues pertaining to Native American education in NC undoubtedly is a topic of concern that must be considered when discussing quality of life. Education is the foundation for many economical and social factors that will be determined. Economical factors that deal with income, poverty, and lacking healthcare insurance will be reviewed. The Native Americans' income ratio in recent years has been approximately 0.7 compared to those of Whites. Poverty levels have recently ranged around 20%. Health Insurance has not been adequately used by NC Native Americans due to economical problems and lack of financial aid. The problems associated with socio-cultural and educational issues clearly determined many of the economic obstacles that these Native Americans face.

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Language: English
Date: 2005
Native Americans, North Carolina, Quality of Life, Health Issues, Educational Factors, Income Ratio,

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