Research Data Submissions

NC DOCKS is now partnering with UNC Chapel Hill's Odum Insititute to host research data. This partnership offers the following advantages

  • no cost to UNCG faculty
  • integration with NC DOCKS
  • automatic indexing of tabular data
  • automatic conversion of tabular data to multiple formats
  • redundant, geographically distributed back ups
  • cross searchability with thousands of other datasets (primarily in the social sciences)
  • long term storage of your data
  • ability to control the degree of access others have to your data
  • ability to update datasets and keep track of multiple versions

The UNCG Libraries believe that the NC DOCKS / Odum partnership will meet many of the data management plan requirements that are now commonly being mandated by granting agencies. But please note that the Odum Dataverse is specifically targeted toward social science data (especially tabular data), and UNCG researchers are encouraged to consider discipline-specific repositories that may better meet some needs.

Researchers are responsible for depositing their own data sets in the Odum Dataverse. To begin, log in to the Odum Dataverse site with your UNCG credentials; once you have logged in, contact to request assignment of "Dataset Creator" role to your account in the NC DOCKS Dataverse. When submitting your data set to the Odum Dataverse, you should also include a completed Odum Institute Data Archive Data Deposit Form.

For more information on research data services at the UNCG University Libraries, please consult our guide.