Heroism in the chivalric code : from medieval to modern AND Tales of queens and good women : religion and societal-based trauma

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Amy Vines

Abstract: Who can be a hero within the Chivalric Code when the ideologies are rooted in misogyny and cast aside those who do not fit into the narrative? Giambattista Vico’s concept of heroic ethos aids in addressing how to rework the chivalric code of medieval heroes central to Arthurian literature by expanding the known “literary canon” to include female counterparts as something more than clichéd roles such as the damsel in distress, the dutiful lady/wife, and the old hag. Contemporary literary criticism of medieval texts facilitates new concepts that become inclusive to those initially deemed othered within this period by pushing the boundaries of what is known to lend a voice to the female perspective. Authors such as George R. R. Martin revitalize archaic stereotypes to build believable worlds that pay homage to earlier works of inspiration while providing a place for female heroes to be present and showcase strength and resilience in a predominantly male society. AND How can trauma make a psychological break within a subject through literary works? The idealization of what it means to be a “good woman” is problematic. It affects the mental instability of how women are portrayed in works like Chaucer’s Legend of Good Women and religious-based narratives like Esther. The desired attribute of subservience through the male gaze causes harm due to a desire to achieve the perfect image to fit into misogynistic societal based formalities despite the unrealistic standards. Misogyny uses gaslighting and trauma as tools to create these standards of subservience and an air of weakness in women to satisfy the male ego for dominance.

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Language: English
Date: 2022
Giambattista Vico, Heroic Ethos, Religion
Martin, George R. R. $t Game of thrones
Women in literature
Heroes in literature
Chaucer, Geoffrey, $d -1400. $t Legend of good women
Religion and literature
Psychology and literature

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