Physical education for language acquisition in middle school ELLs

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Abstract: English language learners (ELL) are a growing population in U.S. schools. ELL students are expected to meet the same learning standards as their native English-speaking peers. The progress of ELL students has been poor and evidence suggests that teachers are not prepared to help these students. Many best practices in teaching ELL students are similar to best practices for teaching physical education (PE). The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a four week “PE Plus” intervention designed to incorporate Greek and Latin stems into the PE classroom. A curriculum was designed including warm-up activities which incorporated Greek and Latin stems that were previously taught in the students’ English Language Arts (ELA) class. Students participated in three to four stem warm-up activities per week, for four weeks, as part of their regular PE instruction. Pre and post-tests on student knowledge of these stems were given in the ELA class and compared over time as well as with a control group who did not participate in the warm-up activities. After four weeks, the control group received the intervention, and the original experimental group served as the control. Following each “PE Plus” lesson, students were asked to complete a five-question survey about the effect of the warm-ups on their knowledge of stems and enjoyment of the activities. Although changes in stem test scores were not significant, the qualitative data analysis of the field notes, students responses, and reflections indicated that the “PE Plus” warm-ups were enjoyable, students were engaged in the activities, and students felt that participation helped them learn their Greek and Latin stems.

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Language: English
Date: 2020
Adolescents, English language learning, Greek and Latin Stems, Physical education
English language $x Study and teaching (Middle school) $x Foreign speakers
Physical education and training $x Study and teaching (Middle school)
Movement education $x Study and teaching (Middle school)

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