Night-song sung for me

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Fred Chappell

Abstract: STRANGER "Hey, Leslie!" Though the voice had called my name, I continued to walk and turned into the all-night grocery store. It had been so long since I'd seen anyone I knew, since before moving here, that I was sure the Leslie called was another. Still, I had been tempted to look back. But when I had moved I had also promised myself not to look back and had recently begun to take that literally, as a game to play against the world. At first it was hard, especially when horns honked or tires screeched behind me; the surprise of my name being called on so empty a street so late at night had nearly overtaken me but I caught myself in time; turn back once and you may as well have been turning back all along. So I stood in front of the vegetables and fruits, trying to figure if grapefruits were a better buy by the bag or individually, weighing the fact that the bag made it impossible to feel each one Individually against the fact that the individual ones were pink, the bagged ones weren't, while simultaneously trying to remember which was better for me (ā€œPā€ for pink-poor, or pretty good? mnemonically speaking).

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Language: English
Date: 1975

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