Self portrait drawings

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Dale Bradford Brown (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Walter Barker

Abstract: The self portraits that comprise this thesis exhibition are all drawn by direct observation with mirror, pencil or pen, and paper. The problems of the self portrait as a genre extend beyond those of a normal portrait. The artist is literally and figuratively more familiar with his own physical attributes than those of any other person, and he is more likely to know his own emotional nature, his "gestalt," than he could assume of others. Yet it remains difficult to be objective and direct in interpreting one's own countenance and attitudes. I have attempted to be honest and render an uncalculated impression of my own image. However, it seems inevitable that the viewer will draw conclusions about content in the drawings which I have not consciously intended to present. I have purposefully chosen not to direct the image to a preconceived end but to let the drawings establish themselves through observation and action. This exhibition of drawings marks an intentional redirection in my art. The innately private and insular characteristics of self portraits reflect the resolve I have adopted for an art which does not consider the public forum a required element of creativity. The choice for self portraits symbolizes my awareness that my art must be principally for myself. The act of observing myself as drawing subject has sensitized me to a consideration of myself, beyond appearance, that I had not done before. If an artist's role is essentially a subjective interpretation of his view of the world, then a self portrait can be seen as a turning the eye "lens" back upon itself.

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Language: English
Date: 1976

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