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Abstract: On the way down, the traffic was light and we made good time, even stopping along the way for one of the brothers to borrow a clean shirt. He was very nervous about his speech and kept consulting the Party's latest paper and making some kind of notes in a little notebook he carried. When he got up to speak, he forgot all about the notes. The whole time he was talking, police sirens wailed somewhere in the distance, and that made him more nervous than ever. His speech wasn't very good, even when you knew what he was trying to say. He brought up all the right things — freeing political prisoners, the pigs and how they'd vamped on Party headquarters, all about the local chapter needing money - but somehow it didn't seem to hold together. The coffee-house audience was polite at first — nothing more - but toward the end of his speech they started milling around and talking. It was hard enough to hear even when they were quiet, the room was so big. None of us knew at the time that it used to be a slave market. Richard kept on talking and when we finally got around to passing the hat, nobody had any bread. While we were counting the money, some drunk Indian got up on the home-made stage and started talking about oppression. "You been listening to those black brothers," he said, "but the white man never put them on no goddamn reservations. Us Indians are more oppressed than any goddamn blacks. Nobody gives a shit about Indians!" He was so drunk his words slid together and you could hardly understand what he said. We didn't stick around long enough to find out what happened to him.

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Language: English
Date: 1973

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