G. B. S. pamphleteer or playwright?

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Benjamin Townsend

Abstract: Shaw was a Fabian Socialist. His political philosophy is shaped by the belief that every individual should be allowed to develop to his highest capacities.1 The function of government, therefore, should be to insure that equal opportunity for this development is provided for every individual. At present, there is no equality; the existing economic system makes it impossible. Capitalism with its unequal distribution of income enables the few rich to prosper, while the majority of the people must live in poverty. Poverty is regarded by Shaw as a great crime of civilization. Whereas the poor have no time for the cultivation of cultural and intellectual interests, the system of unequal distribution fosters the growth of the idle rich class who become corrupt and irresponsible. To eliminate these evils in society and to increase the leisure time of the poor and the work requirements of the rich, Shaw proposes economic reform to be carried out by a newly organized and competent parliament.

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Language: English
Date: 1956

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