Algae, Fungi & Higher Plant Life Cycles [Slides]

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Bruce K. Kirchoff, Emeritus Professor (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Abstract: The attached PowerPoint file contains images suitable for quizzes, tests, and student study aids of plant and fungi life cycles. The images are all drawn in the same format so that students can focus on the fundamental features of the life cycles and not be confused by irrelevant features. Each set of images begins with the complete, fully labeled life cycle. Next comes the same life cycle but with all of the labels blanked out. Each subsequent pair of slides contains first, a drawing of the life cycle with most of the labels blanked out and one highlighted in red, and then the same drawing with the correct label placed in the red box. The file contains images of both the three basic life cycles (Monobiontic Diploid, Monobiontic Haploid, Dibiontic), and life cycles of representative organisms of the following divisions: Chlorophyta – Ulvophyceae - Ulva; Chlorophyta – Ulvophyceae - Cladophora; Phaeophyta - Laminaria; Rhodophyta – Polysiphonia; Ascomycota - Saccharomyces (yeast); Ascomycota - mycelial Ascomycota; Basidiomycota – Teliomycetes – Pucinia; Myxomycota; Psilotophyta; Lycophyta – Lycopodium; Lycophyta - Selaginella/Isoetes; Pteridophyta - leptosporangiate ferns; Coniferophyta; Cycadophyta; Anthophyta. Students usually learn the basic life cycles first, then move on to the more complex life cycles. I have found it beneficial to teach the life cycles in the order in which they are listed above. The life cycles are presented in alphabetical order by Division. The slides can be used from within PowerPoint, or exported to other formats with the File/Export function of PowerPoint. - Kirchoff, B. K. 2016. Algae, Fungi, & Higher Plant Life Cycles. PlantEd Digital Library

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Language: English
Date: 2016
algae, fungi, plants, life cyles

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