Staging and production : a proposal to develop a computer software program for opera and theatre directors

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Renee Janette Sokol (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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David Holley

Abstract: "The production of a play, musical or opera can be compared to the manufacture of any complicated process or product. At present, there is no standard method of accumulating the data necessary for staging a play, musical, or opera, even though the production process is similar for all three. Theatrical productions have stage managers, directors, and assistants responsible for collecting forms, reports, and design-plans in various formats. This data is taken by hand, on personal laptops, or on software programs such as AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Design) or WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). Software programs currently in use are not particularly linked or compatible. This lack of a cohesive data retrieval system is frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. The focus of this study is to propose and describe one possible solution. Existing technologies could be developed into a software system, henceforward called Artisterene´, that gathers, stores, and organizes theatrical production data. This software system functions as a virtual prompt script with three major components that work in tandem. The first component is an interactive, three-dimensional animation program for blocking (movement on stage). The second module is a secure online subscription service of theatrical databases (stage dimensions, technical capabilities, scores or scripts, contacts, etc.). The third component synchronizes cues extracted from master lists submitted by each production team (lighting, sound, and set design). These color-coded cues are superimposed on the U¨berscript (master script or score) for the current production. This system manages the production process from beginning to end. Management can remotely edit production data by using hand-held devices. The production data is then added to a show-specific repository with online access by authorized personnel. Database subscriptions and software sales of Artisterene´ will target opera and theatre companies, and educational institutions. This software system will standardize the production process and greatly reduce planning and rehearsal time. Artisterene´ could emerge as the universal format for sharing production data, and could become a definitive teaching tool used to train directors and stage managers."--Abstract from author supplied metadata.

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Language: English
Date: 2006
play, musical, opera, production, process, software, computer programs, Artisterene´
Opera--Production and direction--Software
Theater--Production and direction--Software
Stage management--Computer programs

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