Soft rain of sticky notes : an experimental musical theater song cycle about ADHD for chamber ensemble

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Joshua Isaac Weitz (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Alejandro Rutty

Abstract: Soft Rain of Sticky Notes is an experimental musical theater song cycle for voice and chamber ensemble about the struggle of being productive and getting work done with ADHD. The narrative progresses over five songs through different stages of getting work done and the struggles the vocalist faces with ADHD. The musical draws on elements of a variety of music, such as musical theater, musical comedy, pop, indie, jazz, avant-garde, punk, pop punk, metal, metalcore. This paper is divided into five chapters. Chapter I introduces in detail the musical and contextualizes where it fits in experimental musical theater. Chapter II discusses the text and narrative, and how these relate to ADHD. Chapter III introduces the musical themes and motives used throughout the musical. Chapter IV goes over the musical elements and techniques, discussing the use of genre and improvisation, and how they relate to ADHD. Chapter V summarizes the essay, and synthesizes the narrative and musical analysis to show succinctly how each song is connected to symptoms of ADHD. The chapter further discusses how music and text is used to convey these symptoms. Finally, it is shown how the variety of genres, the wide-ranging musical influences, and the use of improvisation relate to the unfocused, unstill, unpredictable life of a person with ADHD.

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Language: English
Date: 2022
Musical theater, Song cycle, ADHD,
Songs with instrumental ensemble $v scores
Song cycles

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