Steel sculpture : transformations and relationships

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Annette Fulton Evans (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Peter Agostini

Abstract: Art Co me is revelation of truth and inner sight through contemplation. Art is not an object but a confrontation between the work and the viewer. To perceive or to experience any art form we must be receptive. My sculpture is a record of the growth of my understanding of my relationship to God and the physical world he has created for us. John 1:1-3 states that Jesus existed before the beginning of creation and is the creator of all things. When the person of Jesus became a reality to me, I experienced a growing awareness of the beauty and order of the universe. I began reading scripture and books on physical science, growth processes and geometry which have helped me to see that all aspects of the universe are interrelated. The models and smaller gallery pieces in my thesis exhibition are derived from a series that is based on the growth and transformation of living organisms. The essence of natural processes is order and purpose. In Ecclesiastes it is explained that God created all things to be beautiful in the fulfillment of their purpose. A shell grows in a gnomic pattern so that it can continue to grow with out changing its shape. The leaves of a plant are produced in logarithmic progression so that each leaf can receive the maximum sunlight. By using a few simple systems in different combinations nature arrives at its apparent complexity and variety.

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Language: English
Date: 1977

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