Metamorphosis of the horse

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Rebecca Spotswood Davis (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Peter Agostini

Abstract: The work in this exhibit encompasses the development of abstraction of form with the horse as a subject. The horse became the means by which I gradually realized my most recent work, that new is a bridge to pure form that is no longer necessarily associated with expressing ideas or feelings but seemingly complete in itself. My sculpture is inspired by dreams and are connected with my attachment to certain forms in nature. Clouds pressing close to each other, bending, mingling and then folding apart, are a part of these pieces as are the broccoli bush-trees that rim a resevior near Buffalo Creek Park. The origin of the involvement with the horse is a dream in which a creature - it seemed at the time to be a horse - presses the walls of the rooms in which it stands, and its body fills the room with a white energy. The shin of the dream-horse can barely hold itself within its edge. The space in which it stands is altered by its presence. Prom the earliest horse I have tried to achieve these qualities in my work. The works made before Anna struggle, and in some cases, demand space. There is a strong attachment to corporeality which is not found in Anna. From this point on the form is freed from a strict reference with the horse. In the last piece, White #1, emotions such as struggle are no longer presented as a reason for the shape of the forms, as are not the emotions longing and desire. Shape, volume, and color are elements which are used to convey dynamic energy.

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Language: English
Date: 1976

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