Still life studies of light and form

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Andrew Martin

Abstract: In doing drawings and paintings of still lifes, I became concerned with making three-dimensional objects work on the flat, two-dimensional surface of paper and canvas; in order to achieve an illusion of three-dimensional form on these flat surfaces, I had to add to, or alter the image or images I saw, and thus artificially create space and form. The drawings and paintings are primarily of the same subject, eggs. I found these objects presented an excellent means to study light and form. I studied the work of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Piero; I found that the most common method of rendering three-dimensional form was by the use of light and shade or tone. And from Vermeer, Valasquez and most noticably and constantly Chardin the play of light on form. I use the same subject to experiment with light and shade without concerning myself with subject matter. I set up still lifes in situations of white-on-white, limiting the value range of object or objects, surface and background. Also by limiting the colors on my palette, I am able to manipulate the warm and cool tones of light. I use large amounts of white paint with the colors to to create an overall sense of light. I am concerned with tone and value contrast rather than high color contrast; constant light was pertinent for tone and color decisions.

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Language: English
Date: 1975

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