Oil paintings and pencil drawings

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Walter Barker

Abstract: It is evident that some responses to the image that I see are done with little hesitation and without long, preplanned studying. Another response to a subject will show that I investigated the model that I saw and drew or painted only after careful planning. Either I draw what I see by responding totally to the way I first "accept" the subject or I plan and paint the way I have preconceived it. When I view the model, my eye's first recording determines how I hold the pencil or brush. It is an automatic engaging of visual response and the mind's reaction to this recording. One drawing might be done with "softness"; another will be done with a completely different pressure on the pencil. The purpose of this study was to investigate and record my visual responses to the subject. Even though I have been responding to my own image for several years with drawing and painting, it was only after I began this thesis study that I could accept my "first" impression or response to the way I wanted to record the model. Before this study, I felt a need to work out all details and complete compositional relationships before beginning the work and only end the work when the canvas arrived at a uniform "finished" look. Now it "feels" comfortable and valid to do work both in a quick response recording as well as in the more studied, long-involved methods. I feel my work can stand on it's own using either response.

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Language: English
Date: 1975

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