Two stories about a war

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Fred Chappell

Abstract: There are moments, hours and often days in our lives when time appears to be suspended. For men in time of war, this illusion may last for years. In reality, our course of time continues toward a single destiny, but while men live with war there are three real fatesĀ« to go to war and return, to go and not return, or not to go at all. Though which fate may befall a man in the reality of time is not controlled by reality alone. Time's illusions overlap, and what is real, and what is not, often cannot be distinguished in our lives. Some men may only appear to have returned from war, others seem to have a way of returning when in reality they have not, and some may live war in reality when it appears that they have not gone at all. The two stories of this thesis involve these three fates of war for three individuals, and how illusion and reality effected their lives during the time of the Viet Nam War. Illusion and reality in memories and dreams of past, present and what will be are tricks of time played on us all. The magician's secrets are well kept, but in stories we can read and wonder, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of how they work.

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Language: English
Date: 1974

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