Non-continuous set-valued functions

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Hughes Hoyle

Abstract: In [1] the concept of continuous set-valued functions is defined and developed. Somewhat continuous functions are defined in [2]. The purpose of this thesis is to extend the concept of somewhat continuity to set-valued functions and prove or disprove the natural extensions of theorems in [1] and [2]. In Chapter I, certain properties of functions which do not extend to set-valued functions are demonstrated, and their weakened extensions are proved. In Chapter II, the concept of a somewhat continuous set-valued function is defined in terms of upper semi-somewhat continuity and lower semi-somewhat continuity. The relationship between these types of set-valued functions and those which are upper semi-continuous and lower semi-continuous is investigated. In Chapter III, extensions and restrictions of upper semi-somewhat continuous and lower semi-somewhat continuous set-valued functions are investigated. In Chapter IV, the operation of composition on set-valued functions is defined. Conditions on functions to guarantee their composition is upper semi-somewhat continuous or lower semi-somewhat continuous are studied.

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Language: English
Date: 1973
Set functions

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