Twenty-three poems and six tales

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Hayden Keith Monroe (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Fred Chappell

Abstract: This thesis presents twenty-three of the poems I have written which I consider best and all of the short fiction I have written to date which I wish to preserve. I consider the stories to be expeditions in search of a style and exercises in various techniques in preparation for longer fictional works. In poetry, for good or ill, I seem to have achieved a style and these poems are in it. Both poems and tales represent notations of ideas I have tried to catch and hold, sometimes for their own sakes, sometimes in order to preserve them for later use in other contexts or in expanded forms. For instance, one story not included here later became a novella. Similarly, more than one of these poems was written to retain a mood, scene, or thought for inclusion in a novel I have yet to write. The subject matter of these poems and stories varies considerably, although, during the compilation of these pages, I did notice an apparent preoccupation with death. This did not surprise me; it is a concommitant of another preoccupation I have. Slices of life and naturalistic portrayals of daily events do not interest me. I care more for fantasy, wonder, oddity, mystery, magic. No wonder death pops up. It is the central mystery. I only hope a few of these bits and pieces, which deal with it and other concerns, succeed in being magical for a moment.

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Language: English
Date: 1973

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