Single vision

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John Dewey Lane (Creator)
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG )
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Robert Watson

Abstract: If there is ambivalence in the title poem of this thesis, "SINGLE VISION," then it is the result of inadequate empirical information provided by irrelevant measuring devices from a technology whose capability remains somewhere this side of infinity. By imposing empirical limits on things of this world such as poems and photographs, a potential other-world is precluded. Precluding those things outside of the empirical precludes "spherical vision" and limits seeing to the one perspective of "single vision." The two facts, that this thesis contains poems and photographs, and that it is sectioned into six general parts, is a reflection of my own interpretation of the material of this thesis, and my own interpretation is a function of "single vision." By preceding most of the poems with carefully selected, printed, manipulated photographs, I have imposed my own evaluation and decisions concerning the intrinsic, as well as superficial, aspects of the poems and photographs. Some "combinations" which work toward a mutually intrinsic level of expression may seem related only on the surface level. But in these pairings, it is hoped that a much stronger relationship may evolve expressing an intrinsic convergence of meaning. Other combinations of poems and photographs may seem to have little in common on the illustrative level. Usually several photographs precede a single poem, though in a few instances one photograph will precede and converge quintessentially with the essential meaning of several poems which follow it.

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Language: English
Date: 1973

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