A study in blackness

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Elaine Burgess

Abstract: The cry "Black Power" signifies a new thrust in the perennial Negro Protest Movement. Having arisen only in the past two years, it has quickly pushed racial conflict in this country to new heights. Perhaps for the first time black/white relations have reached a turning point; for the impact of this new ideology tells us that very soon we must decide whether black people will ultimately be destroyed or whether constructive societal shifts will occur which will permit them to participate fully in this society. Tantamount to the impact of the Black Power ideology upon the total society is its particular significance to black people. Certainly it cannot be isolated from the contiuum of Negro protest as a peculiar phenomenon. On the contrary, it is a very natural extension of Negro protest which has roots extending even through slavery. In fact, much of its ideology is mere paraphrasing of earlier race leaders such as Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, and more recently Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. The ideas of Black Power are not important because they are new or unique, but because they are relatively widespread and accepted. The significant question, then, is why these ideas are so readily accepted by many people, and why the heightened militancy should occur at this particular time.

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Honors Project
Language: English
Date: 1968

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