The transforming classroom : pedagogy for today and the future

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Hephzibah Roskelly

Abstract: The central concern of this dissertation is the search for pedagogical theory that is appropriate for teaching in the complex environment of the undergraduate college classroom. The problems it addresses include the struggle to gain and maintain student interest. finding ways for instructors to use theory to help them think about their teaching the importance of authentic contact between students/instructors, and the impact of current and future cultural contexts surrounding students and instructors on teaching situations at the university. To navigate this complexity, this work has developed two concepts for thinking about the many diverse ideas and circumstances that enter into the teaching situation: instructors rethinking themselves as pedagogues and the Transforming Classroom. The introduction begins the discussion of both ideas. Defining the term pedagogue is crucial for giving people engaged in the act of teaching a name that reflects some essential concepts an instructor needs to have in mind when teaching. A pedagogue is an instructor who thinks about his/her thinking regarding teaching, who understands that the social transmission of knowledge requires thoughtful awareness of human relationships as well as expertise in an area of study, and someone who values students in ways that allow students to experience authentic learning (in their own minds). To achieve this practice. this work also proposes the idea of the Transforming Classroom, which is a theory/practice meta model designed to be context responsive to varying and particular teaching situations. The second chapter explores the works of various theorists and the ideas they propose that contributed to the idea of the Transforming Classroom.

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Language: English
Date: 1996
Educational change
College teaching $z United States $x Philosophy

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