Artist residency in rock climbing

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Abstract: Lenka Clayton’s “Artist Residency in Motherhood is the second project in a series that frames the private life of the artist within formal art world structures (an artist residency, a biennial exhibition) in order to examine the roles of artist and mother, both privately and within contemporary society.” (Clayton) Her residency was motivated by the demand to be an artist and a mother. Andrea and I are not only driven by demand but by desire and the question: “What do you want to be doing to occupy your time as an artist?” (Fletcher) An Artist Residency in Rock Climbing is a framework that embraces multiple projects. We act as a stand-in for the climbing culture or community, allowing audiences to get a glimpse into something larger than our individual performances within the project. Engaging collaboratively as husband and wife, we are taking up residence in climbing, living within its form--focusing on diet, exercise, sleep and routine. Climbing offers a controlled structure that anchors community adjacent to solitude. Between these edges, we create marks both physically and metaphorically. We see art as experiences approaching the borders of our relationship. Each route is set, predetermined, but the path for the individual varies. As we climb, we are at once following, imitating, erasing, and replacing the other.

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Language: English
Date: 2019
Residency, Rock Climbing
Artist-in-residence programs
Performance art
Endurance art
Rock climbing

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