A tachistoscopic recognition task with deaf and hearing adults

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Marc Marschark

Abstract: Eight deaf and eight hearing adults were tested on a tachistoscopic recognition task involving letters and novel symbols. All subjects received both sets of stimuli to evaluate prior findings of poor perceptual skills in deaf subjects. Overall, deaf subjects obtained lower scores on letter stimuli than did hearing subjects, but the two groups had comparable scores in the novel symbol condition. This result suggested that prior findings of poor perceptual abilities had resulted from a confound between perceptual abilites and linguistic abilities, in that when linguistic factors were controlled the two groups had similiar scores. A second manipulation in Experiment 1 allowed a comparison of the time parameters of iconic memory in deaf as compared to hearing subjects. Three inter-stimulus-intervals (ISIs), no delay, 250 msec delay, and 500 msec delay, were included. No differences were found between the two subject populations over the three ISIs, suggesting that the time parameters of deaf and hearing subjects iconic memories were comparable.

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Language: English
Date: 1985
Visual perception
Recognition (Psychology)
Deafness $x Research

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