Syncing up with the iKid: portrait of seven high school teacher leaders transforming the American high school through a digital conversion of teaching and learning

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Ulrich Reitzug

Abstract: The purpose of this qualitative study was to focus on the journey of seven high school teacher leaders striving to "sync up" with their students by implementing a one-to-one, mobile computing, teaching and learning, reform initiative. This case study was to give voice to the challenges, successes, and lessons learned during the first year of implementation. The goal was to encapsulate the framework of change as well as their perceptions of how teaching and learning were affected in their classrooms and building in order to better inform practitioners in the field contemplating a digital reform strategy. The research used structured and unstructured interviews, email correspondence, classroom observations, and document reviews. The interviews were transcribed verbatim and content analysis was used to identify consensus, supported and individual themes, lessons learned, "must knows" and recommendations. Six core components were identified by the teachers as necessary to successfully implement a one-to-one mobile computing initiative: Focused Committed Leadership, Community Involvement, High Quality On-going Professional Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Infrastructure and Software Tools, and Understanding the Change Process. The study found that broad leadership skills are required to implement such an extensive plan and that collaborative professional development with persistent commitment and vision are needed to overcome the teachers’ sense of urgency, yet fear of failure, when striving to transform instructional methodology. The study concludes with recommendations and a "how to" flowchart for successful implementation.

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Language: English
Date: 2009
Change, Digital Conversion, High School Reform, Teaching and Learning, The Digital Generation
High school teachers $x Effect of technological innovations on.
School improvement programs $z United States.
Internet in education.
Education $x Effect of technological innovations on.
Internet and teenagers.
Computer-assisted instruction $z United States.
Teaching $x Computer network resources.
Educational change.

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