Elliott Carter’s Shard.

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Abstract: EIliott Carter is most commonly known to guitarists for his composition Changes, inarguably one the most important pieces of 20th century guitar repertoire. But his piece Shard is an equally crystalline example of the composer's work, and a true prize of the repertoire. Shard was premiered on June 11, 1997 by David Starobin in Humlebæk, Denmark.1 Many guitarists will find Shard more approachable than Carter's, Changes (1983). Seventy-one measures long and barely three minutes in duration, Shard is more compact than Changes. On first hearing, one is struck by the extended passages of unbroken triplets and sixteenths—hardly rhythms that we associate with Carter. And while Shard is by no means a beginner's piece, it lacks many of the formidable technical challenges of Changes. Despite these differences, Shard shares much with Changes, a point I shall return to.

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Guitar Review 126, pp.11-12
Language: English
Date: 2003
EIliott Carter, Guitarists

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