Keep me from sinking down: a thematic catalog of the violin works by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

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Abstract: This study aims to analyze and catalog all the violin works of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, a composer from the late 1800s who was prominent during his time, but has been scarcely remembered. This catalog provides important information about his works for the violin, and attempts to increase the dissemination of Coleridge-Taylor's music and allow it to be increasingly performed, as violinists incorporate his pieces into their repertoire. An overview of Coleridge-Taylor's historical importance, including discussions about the African influences in his compositions as well as his contributions to Pan-Africanism, is provided in Chapter II. The American virtuoso violinist Maud Powell is also discussed in Chapter III, given her significant impact on the composer’s career. Previous research indicates that Coleridge-Taylor's primary instrument was the violin and that he wrote a considerable amount of pieces for the instrument. The most complete catalog of Coleridge-Taylor's works up to this point was written by Dr. Dominique-René de Lerma, described in Chapter IV; however, not all of his violin works are present. The methodology for the groundwork of this study, which reviews and updates the Lerma's catalog, is given in Chapter V. The Thematic Catalog of Violin Works is presented in Chapter VI, with important information to help violinists incorporate these pieces into their repertoire, followed by the complete list of violin works by difficulty level, in Chapter VII. More pertinent materials are given in the four Appendices, such as relevant correspondences and compositions' prefaces. The findings of this study show that while the majority of Coleridge-Taylor's works for the violin are at an intermediate level, a small number are for beginners, and some are truly difficult level masterpieces. As shown in the Conclusion, after careful analysis, it can be inferred that Coleridge-Taylor’s violin works deserve to be known, incorporated into the repertoire of modern violinists, and performed more frequently.

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Language: English
Date: 2018
Coleridge-Taylor, Maud Powell, Violin
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel, $d 1875-1912 $v Bibliography
Violin music $x Analysis, appreciation
Powell, Maud, $d 1867-1920

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