A study of leadership, change, and school culture in Title 1 schools

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Abstract: The purpose of the study was to contribute to the limited research on leadership, change, and school culture in Title I schools. More specially, this study explored one Title I Elementary school and the principal. This qualitative study used the case study design. Data was obtained through multiple sources. There was a review of the relevant scholarly literature, interviews responses, researcher's notes, and a review of other school documents (School improvement plan, Teacher working condition survey, School report card) to triangulation the data collected. The data analysis was done in three steps. The first step involved the analysis of each individual interview. Next, the interview responses were aligned to the primary and sub research questions. The third step uncovered the emerging themes among the participants in the study. Four overall shifts were identified as factors that contributed to the shift of the school culture. The cultural shifts included (a) from a test focused to a student focused environment, (b) from a culture of isolation to one of involvement and collaboration, (c) from a culture of ambiguity and fear to one of clarity and positivity, and (d) from Principal invisibility to visibility. Each of these shifts were orchestrated and encouraged by the principal's leadership and guidance. The results of this study are potentially useful for new administrators leading change in Title I schools.

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Language: English
Date: 2014
Change, Leadership, School culture, Title 1 schools
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