Cultural competence of sport psychology consultants in Taiwan in working with LGBT athletes

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Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the cultural competence of sport psychology consultants in Taiwan in working with LGBT athletes and dealing with related issues in sport. Semi-structured interviews and grounded theory analysis were used to understand how 12 certified sport psychology consultants in Taiwan perceived their cultural competence in working with LGBT athletes, their experiences of working with LGBT athletes and dealing with related issues, their responses to provided vignettes, and their views of characteristics needed to be LGBT-culturally competent. The results showed participants' cultural background was the first factor influencing their attitudes and LGBT-cultural competence. Three other sources related to participants' LGBT-cultural competence were acquaintance with LGBT friends, working experiences with LGBT athletes, and related training or education. The information and experiences participants got from these sources shaped their open and accepting attitudes, levels of LGBT-cultural competence, and professional philosophies, which in turn, impacted and were evident in their readiness and approaches in working with LGBT athletes and dealing with related issues. They were all willing to work with sexual minority athletes and learn how to work effectively with them. The two different approaches they took in working with LGBT athletes reflected their different LGBT-cultural competence and professional philosophies. Limited LGBT-cultural competence impacted their readiness to deal with related issues, particularly at group and institutional levels. Seeking outside resources was their strategy to compensate for the limited LGBT-cultural competence. Participants and the findings both indicated the need to include LGBT-related educational training in sport psychology training programs. Future studies can explore culturally-competent consulting services from LGBT athletes' perspectives and the effectiveness of implementing LGBT-related educational training.

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Language: English
Date: 2013
Cultural Competence, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, Multicultural Competence, Sport Psychology Consultants
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