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TitleDateCreatorPublication TypeInstitution
Z-Set Unknotting in Large Cubes2006Chigogidze, A. "Alex"FacultyMathematics and Statistics, UNCG
Zagier’s reduction theory for indefinite binary quadratic forms and the Fermat-Pell Equation...2020Steward, Stephen MichaelStudentMathematics and Statistics, UNCG
Zarathustra as Superman: reading the Nietzschean narrative in Also Sprach Zarathustra2014Arno, Joseph L.StudentMusic, UNCG
Zeptomole Detection of C-Reactive Protein in Serum by a Nanoparticle Amplified Surface Plasm...2014Sandros, Marinella FacultyNanoscience, UNCG
Zinc and Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor-4a in Alcohol-Induced Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction2012Zhong, Wei FacultyCenter for Translational Biomedical Research, UNCG
Zinc Supplementation Reverses Alcohol-induced Steatosis in Mice Through Reactivating Hepatoc...2009Zhong, Wei FacultyCenter for Translational Biomedical Research, UNCG
Zirconia poems1968Morgan, Robert RayStudentEnglish, UNCG
Zoltán Kodály’s Op. 9, Öt dal: a historical, textual, and musical analysis with translations...2020Hahn, Jacob AndrewStudentSchool of Music, UNCG
Zombie Pedagogy: Rigor Mortis and the U. S. Body Politic2012Moraru, Christian FacultyEnglish, UNCG
Zooarchaeology and taphonomy of FLK North 52007Egeland, Charles P.FacultyAnthropology, UNCG
Zora Neale Hurston: A Universal Voice Far Removed From the Orgasms of Harlem2014Canada, Fred StudentEnglish, UNCG