Linda F. Wightman

Dr. Wightman is an expert in educational research methodology with a research emphasis on the role of race in the law school setting. She joined the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1997, after eight years as Vice-President of Operations, Testing, and Research at the Law School Admission Council. Dr. Wightman was the Principal Investigator for the LSAC National Longitudinal Bar Passage Study. This five million dollar study spanned a period of eight years and provided a wealth of information about law school students, legal education, and minority access to the legal profession. Dr. Wightman also prepared numerous articles and technical reports on the study, a public use database, and a user's manual to make the data available to interested researchers. Prior to her work at the LSAC and since receiving her Ed.D. from Rutgers in 1982, Dr. Wightman held several major measurement and statistician roles directing the School and Higher Education Programs (SHEP) at the Educational Testing Service.

There are 1 included publications by Linda F. Wightman :

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Wellness in adult gay males: Examining the impact of internalized homophobia, self-disclosure, and self-disclosure to parents 2005 5912 Adult gay males face significant social stigma, internalize negative societal messages related to their sexual orientation, and experience difficulties related to disclosing their sexual orientation to others, particularly to parents. Although the ef...