Thomas Matyók

  • Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
  • Peace and Conflict Studies, UNCG
  • 336.334.4781
  • McIver Building, Room 213

There are 4 included publications by Thomas Matyók :

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Deep Analysis: Designing Complexity Into Our Understanding of Conflict 2014 2868 Conflict is inherently messy, and today those analyzing conflicts are confronted with an incredible number of problems that resist resolution. Chaos, ambiguity, and contradiction are routine. The vast majority of today’s social conflicts can be chara...
Pursuing Just Peace: An Overview and Case Studies for Faith-Based Peacebuilders 2011 1218 This article is a review of the book “Pursuing Just Peace: An Overview and Case Studies for Faith-Based Peacebuilders” edited by Mark Rogers, Tom Bamat, and Julie Ideh.
The relationship between social work and environmental sustainability: Implications for interdisciplinary practice 2012 13332 The Brundtland Commission, formally the World Commission on Environment and Development, established by the United Nations in 1983, links peace, security, development and the environment claiming that war, poverty and structural violence result in th...
A story to tell: The cost of bullying and mobbing in the workplace 2010 5605 Bullying and mobbing are secretive, targeted, and widespread forms of abuse in the workplace (European Foundation, 2002). This behavior is designed to ostracize, isolate, undermine, and eliminate the person(s) being targeted. For reasons as yet unkno...